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Michelle Colt


I couldn't be more grateful to have found Michelle - an incredible human being whos level of insight is so profoundly helpful that it changed my life.  Before working with her, I was lost, confused about my path, often sabotaging important moments, fearful and anxiety-ridden about truly being seen in key situations.  And through her awareness and tools, I've been able to free myself from the shackles of the mind and get out of my own way to be fully present and shine in opportune moments.  Everything you could possibly need is here for your growth through Michelle.

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I love this meditation program ... the way I explain it is scientists got together with monks and studied their brain whilst meditating and created a binaural sound technology using bells and water to take you from the alpha brainwave to the theta wave dream state, tapping into the collective conscious where we can unpack the bullshit, discover new ideas and break down walls etc ... this level of meditation is what takes monks years of practice, now available to us by pressing play - MUST KEEP EYES CLOSED THE WHOLE TIME, & USE QUALITY STEREO HEADPHONES WITH LT ON LEFT EAR AND RT ON RIGHT EAR.  Start with Dive and then immersion right after.  Morning is best to start your day, but I also do it going to bed.  If you really would like to work through things then being conscious and sitting up is nice, and there are no rules as far as what you should be thinking about, just allow yourself to breathe and go through it.  Dropbox link to download/play:

more info: ... if you like it, and continue it, eventually you'll build up a tolerance to it and there will be a decrease in effectiveness, so they have deeper levels that keep it fresh.  This is legit stuff, at least from my experience it is, def worth a try.  One caveat: beware of giving your email bc they send wayyyy too many follow-up emails lol.

*please note: this is an unlisted link, but feel free to send to whomever you think could benefit from it!