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"vocals that are the cherry on top of a masterful tune"
- by the wavs

"the track features the Californian electronic pop singer, marking his label debut."
- your edm

"Listening to this single will take the listener on an emotional journey. I highly recommend.

- confront magazine

"Feel good music that redefines ... into their own sound."

- girl underground music

"We’ll be keeping tabs!"

- coming up mag



SIDDHI KID ["city-kid"] is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer/dj from Los Angeles that transforms many different genres (electronic, alternative, r&b/soul) into his own sound.  Brayden Pierce (the man behind the moniker) got the name from the ancient term, siddhi (which means supernatural and magical powers attained from spiritual enlightenment through meditation), and from Brayden's favorite quote (from classic Italian filmmaker, Frederico Fellini, "Never lose your childish enthusiasm"). 

In his alternate form (as KINGDØMS) he's frequented the stages of SoCal music festivals and venues like The Satellite, Bootleg Theatre, The Roxy, House of Blues, Sayers Club, and billed alongside such acts as Intergalactix, AWSUMO, Curt Reynolds, Lena Fayre, Jarell Perry, Magic Bronson, Azalea Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Maudlin Strangers, Magic Giant, Seven Lions.  He's garnered hundreds of thousands of plays on Pandora and Spotify through his previous releases and collaborations (including a number 1 hit on Monstercat Records). 

Starting in the summer of 2017, SIDDHI KID debuts singles from his upcoming album, "Animalism" - comprised of moments that share an introspective look into battling one’s mind and emotions, and on another, an energetic memoir about diving into the primal urges that encapsulate and sometimes define our very nature - perceivably human, but not so far from animalistic.  Use the contact form below if you're interested in discussing a potential opportunity with SIDDHI KID. ~ @siddhikid


Come together

What does SIDDHI KID mean?  A siddhi (an old sanskrit word thousands of years old) is a paranormal or magical powers obtained through the highest forms of meditation and yoga. 

What's up with the kid part?  Brayden's favorite quote is from the 20th century trailblazing filmmaker Frederico Fellini, "Never lose your childish enthusiasm."  Being a kid has pure creative freedom, and that headspace is a boundless imagination where creativity and art knows no bounds. 

On the literal sense, a city kid is a person that dwells in a population-dense environment.  Not unlike a festival or concert, where people come together to lose or find themselves through music and experience - a temporary city for us people to come together and experience something awesome, something that has lasting effects, refining and evolving our perspective and consciousness as a singular self - and as a united race.  With a dope soundtrack.  That's what being a SIDDHI KID is all about.