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"Style is the key word ... a definitive level of soul ... The whole thing has both a fresh and nostalgic energy, the perfect kind of vibes to see you into (or out of) a long weekend. This kind of music, when produced so professionally and with so much variation instrumentally, is ideal for any number of situations."

- exposed vocals

“Deep In You” is a dance floor-ready jam that gives off an electronic ghostpop vibe with soulful vocals that give you a mix between Michael Jackson and Usher. However, you can find that this track has a touch of R&B feel, which will quickly generate excitement across fans everywhere.

- noiseporn

"vocals that are the cherry on top of a masterful tune"
- by the wavs

"the track features the Californian electronic pop singer, marking his label debut."
- your edm

"Listening to this single will take the listener on an emotional journey. I highly recommend.

- confront magazine

"Feel good music that redefines ... into their own sound."

- girl underground music

"We’ll be keeping tabs!"

- coming up mag


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Singer and DJ/producer, Brayden Pierce, also known as SIDDHI KID, grew up with music in his blood and always knew that he wanted to be a musician. The St. Louis, Missouri-born artist was first introduced to music at the age of 5 when he took piano lessons, which lead him to being an alto saxophone player in middle school, all while writing poems about baseball and his other childhood memories.

SIDDHI KID eventually picked up the guitar, started singing and writing original songs at 13 years old, which was when he was bitten by the “performer bug.” His mystical urge and intuitive calling to pursue his passion for music is what landed him in L.A., but he also got into acting, which landed him a few network TV shows, films and commercials, until he finally decided to dedicate himself to music full-time, in 2012. Ever since, he created a variety of musical projects such as Brayden and the Bandits, Thieves Like Us, Mandala, Pierce The Arrow, KINGDØMS, and now SIDDHI KID. His music production skills developed while working with Jeremy Hatcher and Grammy-nominated Pawel Sek, who worked with Empire of the Sun, Kanye West and DJ James Kennedy. Now, Pierce has been producing for three years as SIDDHI KID, where he writes, performs, composes, produces and mixes all of his music.
While living in L.A., the city has inspired SIDDHI KID to write music based on his experiences, interactions, love affairs and collaborating with like-minded musicians in the Los Angeles music scene. However, it was his mother, who was an amazing artist painter from Croatia that passed away in 2010, who inspires him the most to keep his musical talents going.

“She put aside her artistic endeavor to raise me and my siblings. It was at this point where I picked up the torch to become a fully realized and successful artist and live both mine and my mother’s dream into a reality,” said SIDDHI KID.

In his tracks such as “Deep In You”, “Savage” and "Soak," you can hear electronic and soulful sounds, however, you can find that his music falls into everything from R&B, House, Deep House, Electronica to Ghostpop, Electro Pop and Alternative. However, he likes to classify his sound under his own genre as Kaleidoscope. Some of his major influences such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Prince, Flume, Usher, Pink Floyd, Phantogram and a few others can be heard in his music as well. He’s successfully collaborated with Aruna and Rameses B on the hit track, “Ready To Go,” which generated hundreds and thousands of plays across Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.

With hopes of performing at major music festivals worldwide and collaborating with other inspiring artists, SIDDHI KID is getting ready to release his album, Animalism. It thematically explores his primal desires as a person living in today's world.  Beyond the personal journey, Animalism is a call for humanity to take a mirror to itself.  “It’s a humbling reality to be aware of where exactly I sit within this deep truth, and noticing the parallel of the collective human race, that as a species, we’ve come a long way, but we have so much more to grow,” explained SIDDHI KID

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SIDDHI KID is unleashing a wild blend of electronic/dance, ghostpop, and r&b/soul that is quickly gaining excitement across digital platforms.  Building upon his recent number one collaboration on Monstercat Records (lauded as: "vocals that are the cherry on top of a masterful tune" -By The Wavs), the Los Angeles native’s forthcoming debut album, “Animalism”, showcases his unique voice, songwriting and production style.  

”Animalism" peers into the battle between the mind's emotions and primal urges that define our very nature - perceivably human, but not so far from animalistic.  His first single, "Deep in You" (July 2017), evokes an electronic soul vibe with influences from artists such as Daft Punk, Chromeo and Prince.  With his latest releases, "Savage" (August 2017) conjures a wild-and-free infectious dance groove, while "Soak" (September 2017) combines a soulful story with a unique composition that brings to mind R&B mastermind, Maxwell, with a texture of beats that are equal parts bi-naural, meditative and dance.   

SIDDHI KID derives from the ancient sanskrit word siddhi, meaning "supernatural powers attained from spiritual enlightenment through meditation" and kid, a Fellini-inspired reminder to "never lose your childish enthusiasm”.  Keying into the experience of generating a loyal following from magnetic performances throughout Southern California, SIDDHI KID’s upcoming live show/DJ sets will coincide with additional single releases and music videos from "Animalism".



Come together


What does SIDDHI KID mean?  A siddhi (an old sanskrit word thousands of years old) is a paranormal or magical powers obtained through the highest forms of meditation and yoga. 

What's up with the kid part?  Brayden's favorite quote is from the 20th century trailblazing filmmaker Frederico Fellini, "Never lose your childish enthusiasm."  Being a kid has pure creative freedom, and that headspace is a boundless imagination where creativity and art knows no bounds. 

On a literal sense, a city kid is a person that dwells in a population-dense environment.  Not unlike a festival or concert, where people come together to lose or find themselves through music and experience - a temporary city for us people to come together and experience something awesome, something that has lasting effects, refining and evolving our perspective and consciousness as a singular self - and as a united race.  With a dope soundtrack.  That's what being a SIDDHI KID is all about. 

In a real sense, Brayden has been through quite the journey and achieved a tremendous amount of personal growth.  Along the way he's uncovered some of the deepest understanding and intellect available to mankind (siddhi).  But it's a humbling reality to be aware of where exactly I sit within this deep truth, and noticing the parallel of the collective human race, that as a species - we've come a long way, but we have so much more to grow (kid).