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"Style is the key word ... a definitive level of soul ... The whole thing has both a fresh and nostalgic energy, the perfect kind of vibes to see you into (or out of) a long weekend. This kind of music, when produced so professionally and with so much variation instrumentally, is ideal for any number of situations."

- exposed vocals

"Deep In You is a dance floor-ready jam that gives off an electronic ghostpop vibe with soulful vocals that give you a mix between Michael Jackson and Usher. However, you can find that this track has a touch of R&B feel, which will quickly generate excitement across fans everywhere."

- noiseporn

"An infectious, catchy hook makes this a major contender ... Very reminiscent of Daft Punk and The xx. One of this year's most effortless dance tracks with a dash of jazz.  This Griot's ability to strongly convey messages through his artistic creation will continue to catapult this ensemble into higher heights."

- 360 Mag

"vocals that are the cherry on top of a masterful tune"
- by the wavs

"the track features the Californian electronic pop singer, marking his label debut."
- your edm

"US producer brings some electro-funk to his latest single, inspired by early Daft Punk"

- mystic sons

"Listening to this single will take the listener on an emotional journey. I highly recommend.

- confront magazine

"Feel good music that redefines ... into his own sound."

- girl underground music

"We’ll be keeping tabs!"

- coming up mag


Known under his artist name, SIDDHI KID ["city-kid”], Brayden Pierce snowballed from a number one collaboration on Monstercat Records (lauded as: "vocals that are the cherry on top of a masterful tune" -By The Wavs) to an exciting buzz with his own blend of electronic soul that proves to be defiantly experimental while celebrating pop structure and melody.  In 2017, his debut original single “Deep In You” was highlighted by Noiseporn as "a dance floor-ready jam ... style is the key word”, included on Spotify playlists emitting nearly a million plays and featured a music video on Vevo (alongside Flume, AlunaGeorge, Calvin Harris).  He then released a couple new originals that were personal to him while showcasing a strong knack for reinventing classic songs like Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” and Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose” (both have spurred organic traction through Spotify’s Discover Weekly).  In the Summer of 2018, SIDDHI KID commemorates the legalization of cannabis in California with his brand-new, appropriately named single “So High”.  The dance-infused track casts a dream-like spell as he reminisces on a connection he can’t get enough of.

His producing skills developed while working with DJ James Kennedy and Grammy-nominated Pawel Sek (Empire of the Sun, Lana Del Rey, Kanye West) for his band (  The name, SIDDHI KID, derives from the ancient Sanskrit word “siddhi” meaning “supernatural powers attained from spiritual enlightenment through meditation”. And “kid”- a Felini-inspired reminder to “never lose your childish enthusiasm.”  Stay tuned @siddhikid /