Brayden is an interesting man.  His journey has colored his personality and soul with equal values of humor and depth making him an ultimate weapon of a performer: as an ethnically diverse actor, singer, dancer, musician that can slip into characters and accents with charm and gravitas.  

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri to a Croatian mother and Indian father, Brayden took in a kaleidoscope of culture which drew him to the quest of understanding more about the human condition.  Before the age of 10, he was acting in school plays, playing multiple instruments and publishing his own poetry.  Growing his performing arts skills, he acted throughout high school in acclaimed plays and musicals, as well as, concert choir and show choir.  His choir earned a Grammy and toured Europe on a medieval cathedral tour, and his show choir won first place on every competition entered throughout the nation.  He took his penchant for showmanship to the University of Missouri - Columbia (Brad Pitt, Sheryl Crow), and studied theater, music and marketing ... and with his fraternity, performed in "serenades" to sororities. Needing more, Brayden left for Los Angeles - and never looked back. 

Brayden honed in his acting craft at the Joanne Baron/DW Brown Meisner Conservatory, graduated and went on to her master class.  He followed this training up with the learning of various unique techniques to build a strong and complex character, scenes, audition, as well as, voice and body.  After starring in a countless number of theater pieces and short films, He soon began working as a professional actor on Showtime's Barbershop, NBC's Life (w/ Damian Lewis), NBC's Whitney (w/ Chris Delia, Whitney Cummings) and a magnetic recurring role on the CW's remake of Melrose Place (Katie Cassidy).  He also co-starred in a number of pilots and independent features (MTV, Lionsgate).  He tested for network to much success and cultivated strong relationships with casting and producers through his representation at Brillstein Entertainment Partners (Jai Khanna) and Abrams Artists (Pamela Fisher).

The next chapter took Brayden on a bit of a professional acting hiatus, having lost both of his parents in a short amount of time ... and compelling him to "look in the mirror" on his own self and life.  The following years took him on a journey of self-help and spiritual awakening whilst pursuing his songwriting, music production and live performance ability here in LA as the singer and frontman of his own musical endeavor.  All of this, culminating Brayden into a stronger, deeper, free-er performer.

With a ripened skillset and mindset to complement his modern leading man look, Brayden has evolved like a fine wine - and is now ready to be uncorked and enjoyed to the entertainment industry's delight.

Currently seeking theatrical representation.



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