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As a genre-melding multi-talented artist, SIDDHI KID breathes new life into electronic, ghostpop, and r&b/soul with his unique worldview and perspective.  Raised by wolves in the eclectic streets of LA, his forthcoming debut album, “Animalism”, unleashes a self-produced sound that builds upon his recent number one collaboration (as Kingdøms) on Monstercat Records lauded as: "vocals that are the cherry on top of a masterful tune" (-By The Wavs).

”Animalism" peers into the battle between the mind's emotions and primal urges that define our very nature - perceivably human, but not so far from animalistic.  His first single, Deep in You, released Summer 2017, evokes an electronic soul vibe with influences from artists such as Daft Punk, Chromeo and Prince.  

SIDDHI KID derives from the ancient sanskrit word siddhi, meaning "supernatural powers attained from spiritual enlightenment through meditation" and kid, a Fellini-inspired reminder to "never lose your childish enthusiasm”.  Keying into the experience of generating a loyal following from magnetic live shows, SIDDHI KID’s upcoming tour will coincide with additional single releases and music videos from "Animalism". 



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